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Out of a mutual need of three Dyersburg area gospel singers was born a fairly new group called "There's Hope." "There's Hope" is a trio made up of one man and two women. Below is our story:

Barbara Tubbs from Friendship, TN, is the manager of the group and until Father's Day 2000, she and her husband, John, traveled around the local area as well as made two west coast tours a year, singing southern gospel music. On that day, while preparing for a concert in Burnet, TX, John suffered a fatal heart attack which left Barbara alone to carry on the ministry. She continued to do so until she began to have doubts as to whether or not she would be able to continue by herself. After much prayer and much thought on the matter, even though she was recognized as a soloist, she felt that her ministry could be more effective in a group. Knowing that finding compatible team members was not an easy task, she sought the advice of trusted members of other gospel groups in the area. That was when a good dear friend of hers told her about Beverly Bates.

Beverly Bates, Dyersburg, TN, is known over the local area as an accomplished keyboard artist as well as someone who is expert at harmony. This type of person is not easy to find. She has sang with several different groups over the years as well as played keyboard. She and her husband, Chester, sang together in a group known as "Heaven's Echoes." When this group disbanded, they joined another group that soon became a family group. When he became ill to cancer, that group was no more. Bev was part of some other groups for a periods of time, but nothing lasting. She always hoped to find a group that she could really put her talents to work in and be able to minister to people. Bev and Barb got together, and then Bev told Barb about Dave.

Dave Council, Newbern, TN, is a Southern Baptist Minister who until about 10 years ago was in the full-time pastorate. Due to a disability and his general health, he could no longer maintain that position. He still fills the pulpit for churches in the area when he is needed. He was also volunteer chaplain for the Dyersburg Police Department. Dave has also served as music minister. Dave, Chester, and Bev were all members of "Heaven's Echoes" together at one time. Bev was well aware of Dave's talents at harmony and smooth delivery. After Dave's retirement, he felt like that he had used up his usefulness. He wondered if God would ever be able to use him again. Bev invited Dave to come along with her for our first meeting. No one knew if anything would come out of that meeting. But "There's Hope" was born that night.

At that first meeting we talked about what the objectives of BJ Ministries were and whether or not we could all work together to achieve those goals. We also prayed as a group for God's direction in this endeavor. We ran over a few songs, feeling out the parts, and things seemed to just fall in place. I had a lot of the music that John and I had used so we decided to see how they could be adapted to a trio. I was already scheduled for an engagement as a soloist, and asked Bev and Dave if they were willing to attempt singing as a trio in less than two weeks. They jumped at the opportunity if we could get the songs together that fast. We had to decide on a name "real quick" and we decided on "Hope", because we wanted to spread the message of hope. Everyone smiled and decided that it was worth the try. Our first time to sing together was at the Crockett County Expo on March 15. A week later, we were featured at the Sugar Creek Retirement Center Supper Club at the Olympic Steak House on Hwy 412. No one had ever heard of us before, but we were very well received.

Since then, we have been staying very busy. With only a few exceptions, we are singing somewhere every week, sometimes more. God has been blessing us abundantly. We did a tour to Texas, and was there for a week. After that trip, we officially changed our name to "There's Hope." It tells our mission more completely. On the way back, we were ready for a "Gaither Homecoming!" Dave's wife and daughters are our backup crew and "roadies". They take care of the tables, cameras, and anything else that needs to be done. We couldn't operate without them.

If we can ever come to your church or event, please let us know.

Barbara Tubbs
"There's Hope"
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