Training Wheels for Web Pages

TRAINING WHEELS FOR WEBPAGES is a program that I developed for those who want to create and maintain their own site, but who need help in getting started. Below, I explain how it is done.

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TRAINING WHEELS work either locally or anywhere around the world. If you are interested in a long-distance service, please contact me. I work by e-mail, phone, or by MSN Messenger. The service works just as well. The only difference is that we never actually meet. It costs you no more, and the results are the same.

How do we start?

You contact me, and we set up your web page. Your page is up and running, usually the same day. We start out with a "basic set-up" Contact me and I can explain more fully exactly what is included in a "basic set-up".

Do you do it for me?

If that is what you prefer, or I teach you how to do your own. I usually set up your basic page, I explain what I am doing, and teach you how it is done.

How does my page get onto the web?

If we meet personally, before you leave, we will have your page onto your server, and on the "web", and you can see it, and make any changes that you desire. If it by long distance, I will either upload to your server or show you how to. You may be more comfortable with me doing it for the first time.

But how am I going to do my own page, if everything is on your computer?

I will explain how to get it from the server to your computer. I will send you a transfer file to do this with.

But what if I don't understand how everything is done and I mess my page up, what then?

You give me a call, or e-mail me, and we fix it. You see, I keep everything on my computer until you don't need me anymore. I suggest that until you are comfortable doing it yourself. The TRAINING WHEELS PACKAGE includes the first month of unlimited phone consultation to help you with your page. (contact me about TRAINING WHEELS PRICES)

But what if I don't want to mess with doing it myself, and I just want you to do it.

That is also ok. Either way is fine. I will charge you for my time.

How do you charge?

I charge by the hour or will give you a package price, whichever you desire. The more homework you already have done prior to us starting will save you a lot of money. I will explain to you what you will need.

May I see some of your work?

Yes, just go back to my home page and check me out. Spend some time, go through all the pages, get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, enjoy yourself, and just think, you can do this yourself! You can also check out some pages that I have done. Contact me and I will send you some links.