Things you need to do prior to me setting up your page:
  • Set up an appointment with me, to meet at my home. Plan on spending at least a couple of hours.
  • Have an idea of what you want your page to look like. Do some surfing. Save some URL's and send them to me. I cannot look into your mind to know what you like, but if I can see it, it will help tremendously.
  • Have all pictures, graphics, ready to be scanned, and bring them with you. I will scan them for you. Or if you already have them in digital format, bring them with you. I will reformat them for the internet. If you want some graphics that you have seen on the internet, have the exact url, and location of them for me.
  • Have any text that you want on the page, typed out for me, this will save errors.
  • Know approximately how you want your page set up, how many pages, links, colors, etc.
  • Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and have him set up your test page. This is required so I have somewhere to upload your site to. If you do not have an ISP, I will suggest one for you.
  • Have your ISP contact me by EMAIL, with your--
  • Host Name (this is your ftp address)
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Remote folder name (this is the folder we upload to)
  • If you don't feel comfortable doing this, contact your ISP, and give him authorization to give me what information I need, and I will contact him.
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Barbara Lindeman, Webmaster
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