The amount I charge will be based on how much time I estimate it will take to get your site running. If you want a package price, I can also do that. The more of your homework that you have done, the more money you will save. If I have to go searching the "net" to look for a particular graphic, I will charge you for that time. If you know the exact location, then I can find it quickly.

The more settled you are in what you want, will make things easier and quicker. If you don't have any particular idea of what you would like your page to look like and are open for suggestions, I will make them. If you don't make a lot of changes, the time will be shorter to get you up and running. "We build the house first, then we rearrange the furniture."

If you would like me to make suggestions, I will be glad to do so, and I will do so. If I see that you are suggesting something that will be expensive and time consuming, I will tell you so. I will also make suggestions that will make things easier and more cost effective.

I will charge you for making custom graphics depending on the time required.

I ask for 50% of the estimated cost before I get started. The remainder of the bill is payable before I upload to your server. I can take payments through Pay Pal, or you can mail me a check or money order.

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Barbara Lindeman, Webmaster
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